The Memphis Strange is:

Johnny Dango
Doug Strahan
Todd Thompson
Jeff Sanders
Dave Wesselowski
Andy Mirsberger
Bassbot 3000
Drumbot ii.3
and a cast & crew of thousands!!!

Get some "Strange Seconds"

Johnny Dango, Doug Strahan, and Todd Thompson make a dangerous combo.”

Doug Freeman (Austin Chronicle)

The follow-up to Birth of The Strange is here. The after birth, if you like. You can check it out at, where it's streaming for free. We do suggest you download it and take it with you, of course, as it's also available everywhere else you buy digital music. It sounds particularly nice at night, in the car, driving to visit a friend.

"Birth of The Strange"

'Birth Of The Strange' has range, taste, and skill. The constant guitar duel between Johnny Dango and Doug Strahan isn't so much about interplay as it is about sonic variety and caliber. With pianist Todd Thompson, they sing blues and ballads with fantastic harmonies and lyrics. ***.5”

Kevin Curtin

The interns at Strange of Memphis HQ wish to express their thanks for your continuing generosity. Thanks to you, we were able to help them secure a few more of the supplies they'll be needing as we press onward in the quest for Strange Tidings to Come. Hopefully they don't start asking for the cookies and light rum again anytime soon.