New Year's Greeting

Well, we made it. 2018 was something else, wasn't it? We don't like to dwell on the past around here, unless we're reading a history or biography of some sort, and we're currently not even doing that. Our sights are mostly set on the here and now, with a bit of a wandering eye towards the Future. What does it hold? Hard to say, outside of the obvious: recording and releasing new material, vehicle maintenance, and taking the show on the road. We hope that 2019 brings you and your loved ones an abundance of peace, love, joy, health, wealth, happiness, optimism, and groove. Come catch a show and say hi, or drop us a line. We'd love to see and/or hear from you.

Look we made a picture!

Live! From Somewhere In Orgeon!

Dango & Cornbread stopped off to take a look at the Umpqua River lighthouse in Winchester Bay, Oregon. The view was so nice the fellas decided to set up the trusty camera and play "Used To Be," from Dango's 2006 album "Let's Go Pioneering!"

Dear Everybody, I Love You

Here it is, the new album! Thanks for giving it a listen. We did it about 97% live in the studio, with very minimal overdubs. It was a lot of fun to make and hopefully that spirit of fun comes across.

Released January 19, 2018

Released January 19, 2018

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